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WWI chalk emblem restored to former glory in Wiltshire

Posted on 18th September 2017

Wiltshire is known for the many ‘white horse’ chalk hill figures which are dotted around its beautiful countryside, but it is a different kind of animal carving that is currently receiving the most attention.

Members of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment

Created in 1916, a 100ft-high chalk reproduction of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment’s emblem – an Indian blackbuck antelope – had been neglected over the last 20 years, making it all but invisible on the hillside overlooking the village of Sutton Mandeville, where around 2,000 soldiers were based during World War One.

However, a Heritage Lottery Fund grant worth £88,300 was recently confirmed, allowing for crucial restoration work to be carried out on the hill figure, which has now been well and truly brought back to its former glory. Furthermore, a new honeycomb geotextile has been installed underneath the carving, which should ensure that it remains undamaged in the years to come.

Be sure to visit the fascinating chalk carving, and the many others which grace the county, when you next stay at one of our luxury holiday rentals in Wiltshire.

Image Credit: PhotosNormandie