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Winter solstice celebrations take place at Wiltshire Neolithic site

Posted on 23rd December 2014

The winter solstice, which took place on Sunday 21st December around the UK, was celebrated in Wiltshire at the first Neolithic long barrow building.

 The Neolithic long barrow in Devizes in Wiltshire is the first to be built in the UK for 5,500 years and that is one of the reasons why people from across the country and holidaymakers staying in Wiltshire holiday cottages turned out in force to celebrate the winter solstice at the burial chamber.

The earth mound has been specifically created so it is in line with the sunrise of the solstice to enable it to illuminate the stone passageway.

The long barrow burial chamber was completed at the beginning of the year and has actually been filled with approximately 1,000 cremation urns.

The winter solstice celebrations at Devizes saw several people come out to celebrate the event and was the highlight of the winter solstice celebrations in the county, but similar celebrations also took place at Avebury and Stonehenge too.

Image Credit: Ben Salter (flickr.com)