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Wiltshire town is oldest settlement in the UK

Posted on 08th May 2014

Amesbury, a small town in Wiltshire, has been revealed as the longest occupied settlement in the whole of the UK.

Experts revealed that the town of Amesbury, including nearby Stonehenge, has been occupied by people since 8820 BC.

A dig by archaeologists uncovered the discovery as well as revealing evidence that people in Britain ate frog’s legs 8,000 years before the French did.

The discovery also means that Amesbury has been placed in the Guinness Book of Records, which many locals believe will now make it an interesting place to visit with those looking to stay in large Wiltshire holiday cottages in the region.

David Jacques, from the University of Buckingham, told the BBC, “The area was clearly a hub point for people to come to from many miles away, and in many ways was a forerunner for what later went on at Stonehenge itself.”

The dig has been filmed and will now be shown in a documentary on the BBC later in the summer.

Image Credit: Glen Bowman (flickr.com)