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Wiltshire has one of the country’s top historic streets

Posted on 21st November 2013

A new book entitled Historic Streets and Squares by the University of Dundee historian Melanie Backe-Hansen has revealed the top 50 streets of historical importance in Britain, with Wiltshire’s Castle Combe being named as one.

The book looks at each prominent street in turn and details their evolution over a 2,000 year period. The Street in Castle Combe made the list due to its claim of being the most photographed thoroughfare in the whole of the UK.

The quaint village is popular with visitors staying in nearby Wiltshire holiday cottages for its medieval architecture and aesthetic nature, as well as being the setting for a number of well-known films. Stardust, Doctor Dolittle and Spielberg’s War Horse have all used Castle Combe as a filming location, with many scenes benefiting from the village’s century-old cottages and rustic beauty.

Backe-Hansen’s book is said to contain great amounts of historic facts about other streets all over England, in addition to The Street in Wiltshire, according to this Telegraph article.

Image Credit: Karen Roe (flickr.com)