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Where to take the best photos in Wiltshire

Posted on 17th August 2014

While the county of Wiltshire may not offer a coastline, what it does provide is mile after mile of luscious countryside and a plethora of stunning landmarks – both natural and manmade. Because the camera remains one of the essential items to take on a Wiltshire cottage getaway, here’s our guide to capturing the best sights of this beautiful southern county.


Perhaps Wiltshire’s most famous asset, Stonehenge is found just west of the town of Amesbury and is a landmark steeped in tradition and folklore. With the stones thought to have been assembled anywhere between 3000 and 2000BC, it is like no other place in the world, so come and along and capture the site for yourself.

For the best photo, try to get to the site in time for either the sunrise or sunset; the rays bouncing off the stones will offer an unparalleled image opportunity – such as in the photo below. Undoubtedly the best photography opportunity of the year is on the day of the midsummer solstice, when the sun rises up from behind the famous Heel Stone.

Image Credit: David Crosbie Shutterstock.com)

Salisbury Cathedral

Renowned for boasting the highest spire anywhere in Britain, Salisbury Cathedral is considered a masterpiece of early English Architecture and has stood proudly in the city since its completion in 1258. While the outside is spectacular to say the least, the interior also offers some great sights of photography. Its nave is of particular prominence, noted for its tall and narrow shape and stunning Purbeck marble columns. Another spot could be the cloister, the largest of any example found in the country.

Image Credit: Jack Pease (Flickr.com)

Old Sarum

Just north of Salisbury, Old Sarum is another reminder of the county’s rich historical past. With evidence of human habitation dating back as early as 3000BC, it has been mentioned in some of the earliest records of UK history. It was even the original site of Salisbury Cathedral, although it was demolished in 1219 and moved to its new site in the city. It’s for this reason why Salisbury is sometimes referred to as ‘New Sarum’.

It’s on our list of great photography spots not only because of fantastic history locked inside this Iron Age hill fort, but also because of the stunning views that it commands across Salisbury. As the site is now owned by English Heritage, it’s worth checking out their website beforehand to find out opening times and prices if you want to visit whilst staying in your holiday cottage in Wiltshire.

Image Credit: Andrew_Writer (Flickr.com) 


Finally we have Castle Hill, a world-famous landscape that has previously been described as a living work of art. As well offering the perfect backdrop for beauty, its grounds make for fantastic photography thanks to its many different features, including mystical grottoes, rare and exotic tress and stunning temples, which reflect off the lake. It means that you can capture stunning images that can be enjoyed forever from wherever your location – especially on a beautiful day.

Image Credit: George W.Bailey, (Shutterstock.com)