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Trowbridge Museum to open Magna Carta exhibition

Posted on 24th February 2015

As part of the 800th anniversary celebrations, Trowbridge Museum will be opening an exhibition dedicated to the Magna Carta.

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Opening this Saturday, those attending will be able to enjoy medieval food and drink at the inaugural event, before exploring the fascinating exhibits. People visiting while staying nearby in Wiltshire holiday cottages can learn all about the daily life, food and warfare of those who lived during the reigns of Henry II and Richard the Lionheart.

Part of the exhibition is also dedicated to Baron Henry de Bohun, who was from Trowbridge and was a large influence during the signings of the Magna Carta. A 6-foot maquette of the historical character can be seen at Trowbridge Museum, alongside medieval weaponry and transcriptions of the Magna Carta.

The exhibition is set to run until 25th July 2015 and will continue to have a number of new artefacts added to the collection during its duration.

Image Credit: etee (Flickr.com)