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Trowbridge Carnival looking for helpers

Posted on 19th February 2014

The famous Trowbridge Carnival, which has been running for over 70 years, is looking for more volunteers to help with the running of its parade.

The Trowbridge Carnival is a popular annual attraction for holidaymakers staying in luxury Wiltshire holiday cottages and locals alike.

But now the Trowbridge Carnival Committee, which currently has only seven members, are looking for more people to help with the planning and stewarding of the event.

Maryrose Mantle, the Carnival Committee chair, said, “The carnival has been growing year after year and there would be a danger that if we didn’t get more members the event would have to stop or be smaller and not of the same high quality.”

The carnival in Trowbridge will take place on October 18th this year and organisers are estimating that around 40 volunteer stewards are needed for the carnival to run safely.

Mrs Mantle added, “We are looking for enthusiastic people who enjoy having fun and have a passion for Trowbridge.”

Image Credit: Franz & P (flickr.com)