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Traditional Wassailing celebration held in Wiltshire

Posted on 15th January 2016

Parishioners, villagers and members of the National Trust in Wiltshire have been out in force to celebrate the tradition of wassailing the village fruit trees.


The celebration dates back to before 1066 when people gathered in the village to offer blessings to the villages’ orchards and farmers’ ploughs.

Traditionally, the wassail involved songs and loud noises to ward off evil spirits that may interfere with a fruitful harvest and was celebrated on twelfth night, either on January 5th or 6th.

This year marks the third consecutive year of the wassail for those in the village of Avebury and visitors on Wiltshire cottage holiday breaks. It has also raised £350 to help plant and maintain new fruit trees and hedges.

Natascha Kenyon, one of the main organisers, told This is Wiltshire: “So many people put so much time and effort into making this event a success, a huge thank you to you all.”

Image Credit: muffinn (Flickr.com)