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Top sites in Wiltshire for a great photograph

Posted on 27th February 2013

The majority of us take cameras on holiday with us, whether to record great moments when staying in holiday cottages in Wiltshire or to take some stunning photographs of the natural beauty that Britain has in abundance. Whilst Wiltshire cannot provide the coastal photographs that inspire some people, it remains a county which can provide a number of great opportunities to get a photo that you’ll treasure forever. Here are our top suggestions of places in Wiltshire where you will definitely want to have your camera handy.

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral – The magnificent building has been described by many visitors as a mix of both old and modern, offering plenty of majestic architecture and intricate decorative details that would keep anyone with a camera busy for hours. There are plenty of great shots to look out for here, including the ceiling above the choir stalls, the modern font and the huge array of stained glass windows.

The Ridgeway – This popular beauty spot was named as one of the Seven Wonders of the South back in 2004 after representing Wiltshire in the nationwide competition. The Ridgeway is 87 miles long and comprises a great deal of chalk ridge route which was used as a walkway in prehistoric times. The walk is ideal for a day trip and is not too strenuous, giving photographers the ideal opportunity to take their time in getting the perfect shot of rural Wiltshire.

Wilton Windmill – This windmill was originally built in 1821 and, after being restored, it became the only working windmill in Wessex. A fantastic view of the Downs can also be enjoyed from the site of the windmill, and the fields of rapeseed that surround the windmill at certain times of year offer the perfect ingredients for a photographer to experiment with different angles and see what great images can be produced.

Longleat Safari Park – It goes without saying that Longleat is one of the most popular attractions visited by those enjoying Wiltshire cottage holidays, and the wide variety of animals that can be found at the park present excellent wildlife photo opportunities. Some of these include monkeys, white rhinos and lions, and their relative freedom of movement in comparison to a zoo is both great for the animals and for budding photographers.

Image Credit: Andrew Michaels (flickr.com)