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The Royal Artillery Museum is set to move to Wiltshire

Posted on 16th January 2015

The famous Royal Artillery Museum is set to move from London to Wiltshire and is planned to open in the county in 2019.

People going on Wiltshire cottage holidays in the spring of 2019 will be able to look around the brand-new Royal Artillery Museum, which gives visitors an insight into one of Britain’s most famous army regiments.

The museum is currently at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, but as a result of the 2020 army reorganisation scheme and the fact that regiments are leaving London to relocate to Wiltshire, the museum will now also relocate to Salisbury Plain.

Initial plans reveal that a new multi-million pound visitor attraction will be built at Salisbury Plain and will look back at the 300 years of history of the Royal Artillery and will include displays of memorabilia and information about famous battles that the regiment was involved in.

Peter Wragg, the chairman of Visit Wiltshire, told the Western Daily Press, “This new attraction will be a fantastic boost in growing Wiltshire’s visitor economy and will have a significant impact in encouraging visitors to stay longer and spend more throughout the whole county.”

Image Credit: DAVID HOLT (flickr.com)