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Summer Solstice returns to Stonehenge

Posted on 26th May 2016

As the Summer Solstice approaches, Stonehenge is preparing itself for the celebration.

 Sunrise at Stonehenge

The annual event, which marks when the sun reaches its highest point in the northern sky, has been celebrated at the Wiltshire site for thousands of years. Although its origins or true meaning are unknown, Stonehenge is seen as an ancient prehistoric site for worship and celebration.

The solstice takes place over 20-21 June and visitors can access the monument field from 7pm on Monday evening.

The sunset is expected to take place at 9:26pm and sunrise is scheduled for 4:52am the following morning with organisers expecting the attraction to be cleared by 8am. Last year, 40,000 people attended the solstice event, which involves a variety of pagan and Druid celebrations.

The staff at English Heritage – the management group of the Neolithic site – are asking that all visitors be respectful and orderly during the event. They are urging people to remember that Stonehenge is considered a sacred site.

As a result the staff are this year restricting the use of alcohol to reduce the risk for those attending and to protect the monument.

According to English Heritage, the Solstice car park will be open at 7pm on 20 June with last admissions at 6am and the car park will close at 12 noon on 21 June. There is a £15 parking fee for this year’s solstice celebrations, but for more information, please visit the English Heritage website.

Visitors heading on Wiltshire cottage holidays for the summer solstice celebrations are also expected to visit some of the other historic sites in the county such as the Old Sarum and the Salisbury Cathedral.