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Stonehenge visitor centre opens

Posted on 29th December 2013

The long-awaited opening of the £27 million Stonehenge visitor centre has finally come, and visitors couldn’t be more thrilled. The new building, an English Heritage project, is set to further the Stonehenge experience, with relics and information never before been seen by the public put out on display.

The new centre is set to encourage even more visitors to the site and promote the local area, with people expected to extend their stays in local Wiltshire holiday cottages so that they can fit in a trip to the new attraction. The centre, the grand opening of which took place on Wednesday 18th December, is a move to celebrate the historic site that had previously been taken for granted, according to a parliamentary committee quoted in this Guardian article.

The centre is sat one and half miles away from the exact Stonehenge sit and can be accessed via a 10 minute shuttle bus. The site details the history of Stonehenge, including what the area was like before its existence and how it came to be there. Visitors can find out more about the centre, along with prices and opening times, on the English Heritage website.

Image Credit: mari (flickr.com)