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Stonehenge given glowing review in new Guardian article

Posted on 03rd October 2017

It may be thousands of years old, but that doesn’t stop the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge being regarded as one of the UK’s finest modern visitor attractions.


This is certainly the view of the Guardian’s Gavin McOwan, who recently published an article singing the praises of this most iconic of man-made structures.

Stonehenge, which is found just a few miles from the medieval city of Salisbury and is a favourite haunt among those enjoying cottage holidays in Wiltshire, is perhaps most impressive for how much interest it arouses in visitors of all ages, and this is why it was featured in the Guardian’s ‘Take the kids to…’ column.

Commenting that “as a historic site it is an 11/10”, McOwan was keen to praise the “scale of the achievement”, adding that – despite it being a long-established attraction – it remains “impossible not to be awed by this incredible feat of engineering”.

The columnist was also pleased with the site’s informative visitor centre – a relatively new feature which opened in late 2013 – and confirmed that even his eight-year-old son conceded that the Stonehenge spectacle is “pretty cool”.


Image Credit: Inja Pavlic