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Salisbury ranked third healthiest high street

Posted on 27th March 2015

A recent survey by the Royal Society for Public Health has revealed that Salisbury has the third healthiest high street in Britain.

Shops in Salisbury

The league table ranks 70 of the UK’s major towns and cities, based on the number of businesses which either support or harm the public’s health. This is part of the RSPH’s Health on the High Street campaign, which aims to promote healthier organisations opening in the town centre to improve the experience for those visiting.

The town currently has a wonderful mix of quality shops, restaurants and pubs, despite the effects of the recession, and continues to attract visitors including those staying in Salisbury in Wiltshire holiday cottages. Alongside this, the town also boasts cultural attractions, such as the cathedral, City Hall and Arts Centre.

Businesses which were considered unhealthy were those such as bookmakers, payday loan shops, fast food outlets and tanning salons, which there are very few of in Salisbury.


Image Credit: Jim Linwood (Flickr.com)