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Red panda birth marks another landmark for Longleat

Posted on 28th August 2017

Following the birth of a rare giant anteater earlier this month (as we reported on here), the conservation team at Longleat Safari Park are once again celebrating a very special new arrival.

Red panda cub

On Wednesday 23 August, a red panda cub named Turner was born to parents Rufina and Ajendra, marking another great success for the park’s important rare species breeding programmes.

Red pandas are solitary creatures in the wild, which has contributed to the recent population fall that led to them being officially classified as endangered in 2008. As such, the efforts of world-class conservation centres like Longleat are playing an instrumental part in the safeguarding and, hopefully, expansion of the species.

Keeper Samantha Allworthy was quoted in this Wiltshire Times article as saying: “We have been able to weigh Turner and confirm that he is a little boy and he is doing really well”.

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Image Credit: Richard Gillin