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Record year for tourism in Wiltshire

Posted on 31st October 2015

Wiltshire and Swindon saw tourism in the region rise for a third consecutive year and now visitors bring in a record £1.5 billion to the area.


According to a recent report, which was produced for VisitWiltshire by The South West Research Company, showed the number of people heading on cottage holidays in Wiltshire and other visitors spent a record amount of money in the area.

The report, published on the Swindon Business News website, also highlights that 19.9 million visitors came to Wiltshire and Swindon, and that overnight stays in the region rose by 5 per cent.

The study also found tourism in the region now supports over 28,000 jobs and that the typical holiday season for the area has grown in recent years.

VisitWiltshire Chief Executive Officer, David Andrews, said, “We are particularly pleased to see such strong growth in overnight stays and we are delighted that there is new evidence that we’re extending the visitor season.”

Image Credit: Anna & Michal (flickr.com)