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Rare sea fern discovered in Wiltshire

Posted on 13th November 2013

A local volunteer wildlife recorder in Wiltshire has discovered sea fern-grass, otherwise known as Catapodium Marimum, growing in the unusual location of the A4 at Thorney Down.

The sea fern-grass has been discovered 40 miles away from the nearest coastline where it would be expected to grow and marks a first for the plant, which is believed to be thriving due to the high volume of salt sprayed onto the road as a result of the cold winters we have experienced over the last two years.

Those travelling to rented Wiltshire holiday cottages will be able to spot the plant that resembles a miniature form of rye grass along the banks of the A4 and makes for an unusual sight, with the plant rarely found inland.

While it is expected that other roads baring salt-tolerant plants could very well be home to the sea fern-grass, this specimen in Wiltshire is the first such example to be recorded, according to the Daily Mail.

Image Credit: Iain Farrell (flickr.com)