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Rare rainbow spotted in Wiltshire

Posted on 21st May 2014

An extremely rare upside down rainbow was spotted in the sky at Bowood Golf Club in Wiltshire at the weekend.

In contrast to a common rainbow, this one had the colours in reverse and was curved upside down, which according to experts is due to the sunlight bouncing off ice crystals high in the sky.

Upside down rainbows are hardly ever seen as they form so high in the sky and whilst the county is more commonly featured in the media for its spectacular cottages to rent in Wiltshire, this news has reached the national media.

A spokesperson for the MET office told the BBC, “They are seen relatively rarely in the UK but the more defined they are, the rarer they are.”

Henry Pawlak, the golfer who saw the upside down rainbow, said, “”It was so unusual and something I’ve never seen in my 58 years that I thought it was worth taking some snaps.”

Image Credit: Bernt Rostad (flickr.com)