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New railway station at Wilton to offer direct rail & bus link to Stonehenge

Posted on 05th October 2015

Plans for a new railway station at Wilton have been released and if the proposal gets the green light, it will ferry holidaymakers to Stonehenge.


The site will be an extension to the TransWilts service to Southampton Airport. Being just seven miles away from Stonehenge, the recently released details also show that plans include a fast, high capacity rail-bus link to the World Heritage Site.

Those on Wiltshire cottage holidays and trips could soon be able to get to Stonehenge a lot easier than before and with visitor number volumes growing. An estimated 1.2 million people every year travel to the site. The proposed station would provide an interchange for shuttle buses to the site as well as a hire point for cycles to enable visitors to cycle to Stonehenge.

The new train station, which has already been backed by Southampton Airport, would have two platforms and have enough parking for 420 cars.

Speaking to the Salisbury Journal, Wilton ward councillor Peter Edge, said it would have a number of benefits for the local area and especially tourism.

He added, “Potentially, the skies are the limit for what can happen in and around the area.”

The new station could be opened as early as 2019 if the plans get the go ahead.

Image Credit: Nelo Hotsuma (flickr.com)