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Nadiya Hussain and Great British Food Festival coming to Wiltshire in August

Posted on 04th August 2016

Bowood House in Wiltshire is opening up its grounds to welcome cooking and eating enthusiasts from all over to enjoy the Great British Food Festival.

 British Bake Off Winner Nadiya Hussain

The festival takes place at the Georgian country house just outside of Chippenham on 20-21 August.

Convenient to many of our holiday cottages in Wiltshire, the event is a perfect way to enjoy the family, food and the beauty of Bowood House’s beautiful gardens. There will be more than 80 producers offering the best in fine foods. There will be kids’ activities, cookery lessons and plenty of eats to sample. To make it even better, there will be live music and a stunning selection of real ales.

There will also be a number of well-known chefs on hand to make the event special. A clear star of the event will be Great British Bake Off champ and Royal birthday cake baker Nadiya Hussain. The widely popular show winner will bring her unique and charming style of cooking to the festival. The housewife and mother turned author and chef is still riding high after winning the BBC show’s sixth series. Although she still isn’t quite sure why the crowds flock to see her speak and cook, she is excited to be part of the British food culture.

“I don’t know,” Hussain recently told local media. “I don’t even get it! Maybe because I just rattle on, talking to anyone like I’ve known them forever.”

“The one thing my husband said when I went on was, ‘You don’t want to go on there and not be yourself. You’re not an actress, you’re not a showman, just go on and just be yourself’, and that’s what I do – I’m only ever myself.”

Also scheduled to appear at the event will be Bake Off chefs Howard Middleton and Luis Troyano and MasterChef’s Luke Owen.

For more information, or to purchase tickets online, visit the festival website.

Image Credit: The Great British Food Festival