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Mysterious origin of Stonehenge may have been solved

Posted on 04th February 2016

A landscape architect believes she has solved the theory behind the origin of Stonehenge.


With 30 years of experience behind her, Sarah Ewbank believes the structure was in fact the remnants of a two-storey “majestic roundhouse” and has built a model of her theory.

She thinks that Stonehenge, a hugely popular attraction for those visiting the county for their Wiltshire cottage holidays, was once used as a multi-purpose venue after studying and researching the footprint of the stones for nearly a year.

Talking to Salisbury Journal, Sarah said: “I looked at it and thought it was a ruin, and that with my design skills I could work out what was there. In our climate back in the Bronze Age it still rained, and why would you move 75 large stones just so you could dance around twice a year? If you put a roof on it you can use it all year.”

For more details on Sarah’s theory visit her website sunhenge.uk.

Image Credit: heinzebner (pixabay.com)