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Mysterious crop circle appears in Wiltshire wheat field

Posted on 26th August 2016

At more than 300-feet wide, a mysterious crop circle has recently appeared in a Wiltshire field. Combined with the mystical surroundings of nearby Stonehenge, there is a great deal of debate over the creator, origin and meaning of the crop circle.

The circle appeared in a wheat field belonging to Antsy Farm Shop in Shaftesbury, near the border of Wiltshire and Dorset. Owners of the property said they found no footprints or any evidence of human involvement.

The design covers two acres and contains 20 different symbols. Many say the designs resemble astrological symbols. Although some say the design resembles the logo of an American company known for equipment used for smoking, no one knows who is responsible for the design.

“We are a busy farm shop and so there are people out in the fields around here all the time, working, harvesting and picking,” said property owner Karren Price in talking with the Daily Mail.

“So nobody would have particularly noticed anyone working in the field”.

“I have designed mazes myself but this surpasses anything I’ve ever seen,” Price continued. “The first maize maze I did took six weeks to create so for this amazingly intricate pattern to be created so quickly is astonishing.”

The county is also home to a number of white harts emblazoned onto hillsides. Dotted with a number of Wiltshire holiday cottages, the area is renowned for its natural beauty and mystical qualities too.

Pewsey Vale, Wiltshire

Image Credit: Ben Cremin (flickr.com)