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Melksham Market moving to attract more visitors

Posted on 06th March 2014

The weekly market held in Melksham is set to move from its current Church Street car park location to the town’s historic Market Place.

The decision from Wiltshire Council to move the Tuesday market comes as part of a drive to attract more visitors.

It is hoped that the move will attract greater numbers of people staying in quality Wiltshire holiday cottages, as well as more locals who live in Melksham town centre.

The move could take place on April 1st for a trial period before moving to the Market Place area permanently if it proves to be a success.

Tom Ince, leader of the council’s amenity partnership team, says, “We struggled a bit with footfall where it is now, and we are hoping it will pick up in the new location.

“A number of the traders and the public have said it would be nice to have it in the Market Place, where it will be more visible.”

Image Credit: bertknot (flickr.com)