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Longleat’s Festival of Light to host huge lantern display

Posted on 11th November 2014

Next Friday, Europe’s largest display of Chinese lanterns will light up the sky around Longleat Safari and Adventure Park.

 An estimated 7,000 lanterns, 40 km of LED lights and 15km of silk will be used as part of the Longleat Festival of Light.

The Festival of Light, which will be open to the public until 4th January, is expected to attract a whole host of visitors, including people staying in Wiltshire holiday cottages close to Longleat as well as local residents.

Some of the major attractions of the festival are set to be a 70-metre long Dragon, a display of life-sized pandas in a bamboo forest, an ice skating rink, a 20-metre tall Chinese temple, a Santa Train, a giant Christmas tree and large Chinese masks.

Speaking to the Wiltshire Times, Bob Montgomery, who is the chief executive at Longleat, said, “There will be about 20 different scenes to explore within 30 acres featuring literally thousands of individual illuminations, created from a mixture of silk, satin and vinyl-covered fixed frames, and the sheer scale and intricacy of the designs is breath-taking.”

To find out more information about the Festival of Light at Longleat, click here.

Image Credit: Nathan Byrd (flickr.com)