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Longleat’s Festival of Light opens to the public

Posted on 17th November 2015

The Longleat Festival of Light has now been officially opened to the public after the final touches were added to the display last week.

Longleat House

This year’s festival consists of over 23,000 individual lanterns. The display has been built by artists from the Sichuan province in China with 20 kilometres of LED Lighting, 76 tonnes of steel and a staggering 18 kilometres of silk.

Visitors on Wiltshire cottage holiday breaks and locals are expected to descend on Longleat to catch a glimpse of the magnificent festival. This year, the display includes a near life-size recreation of the 800-year-old Manfeilong pagoda.

The Longleat Festival of Light also has a 20-metre-long floating imperial dragon boat, a giant blue and white tea set created from 220,000 liquid-filled glass phials, a 100-metre-long Chinese dragon, the war chariot from Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s terracotta army and a section of the Great Wall of China on display.

Speaking to the Wiltshire Times, Longleat’s chief executive, Bob Montgomery, said, “The Festival of Light is something truly unique. We are really excited about our second festival as we had such a great reaction to last year’s.”

The usual Longleat Christmas celebrations are now open to the public, with the Santa Express train, the ice skating rink and a giant musical Christmas tree running alongside the festival until January 3rd.

Image Credit: Iain A Wanless (flickr.com)