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Longleat Henry VIII painting could be last

Posted on 20th January 2014

Following recent dendrochronological examination, a painting of King Henry VIII – which has taken pride of place at Longleat House within the grounds of the famous safari park for over 300 years – is now thought to have been the last portrait of the Tudor King made during his lifetime.

Longleat has been hugely popular with visitors staying in the nearby cosy holiday cottages in Wiltshire for many years, both for the historic Longleat House and the animals which can be seen at the safari park. Yet, until now, the significance of the Henry VIII portrait in question had not been realised.

The examination used annual growth rings to date and locate the tree whose wood was used in the creation of the portrait, which is estimated to have been felled in the eastern Baltic in around 1529.

Before this examination, it was believed that the portrait could have been painted after the King’s death in 1547, as reported in this article, but these new findings suggest that it could in fact be of much greater historical importance.

Image Credit: Lisby (flickr.com)