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Largest Neolithic site in the UK found near Stonehenge

Posted on 09th September 2015

Archaeologists believe they have found the largest Neolithic site in Britain after unearthing approximately 100 stone monoliths near Stonehenge.


Soon visitors on week-long Wiltshire cottage holidays and those just visiting Stonehenge for the day will be able to see this new site, which is being called “superhenge”.

Archaeologists have revealed that the stones are around 4,500 years old and several of the stones are 15-foot tall.

The discovery was made after archaeologists from the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes team used ground-penetrating radar at Durrington Wall to create an underground map of the area. The radar highlighted that the stones were buried 3 feet underground.

The new site is around two miles away from Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Similarly to Stonehenge, this new site is believed to have been used as a ritual site.

Speaking to the BBC, the lead researcher for the five-year project, Vince Gaffney, of the University of Bradford, said, “We don’t think there’s anything quite like this anywhere else in the world.”

“This is completely new and the scale is extraordinary.”

Image Credit: Qalinx (flickr.com)