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House as old as Stonehenge set to welcome visitors again

Posted on 13th July 2015

A Neolithic building located at the Marden Henge site in Wiltshire that is believed to be as old as Stonehenge is set to open to the public again after being buried for thousands of years.


Visitors on Wiltshire cottage holidays and breaks next weekend will be able to visit the Neolithic rectangular building as part of an open day.

This open day is a part of the 2015 Festival of Archaeology, which takes place across the UK from 11th-26th July, and hundreds of people are expected to turn out to see the site.

The house is thought to be one of the best preserved buildings from that era ever found in the UK and excavators were lucky enough to find a number of other precious items when unearthing the house.

These included flint arrowheads and blades, shale and copper bracelets, decorated pottery and pig bones, and these will all be on display as part of the site’s open day.

Speaking to the Guardian, Dr Jim Leary, director of this summer’s excavation with the Reading University archaeology summer school, said, “It could well be that this [house] was really where it was at in the Neolithic.”

Image Credit: John Atherton (flickr.com)