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Excitement builds for new Stonehenge visitor centre

Posted on 17th January 2013

Stonehenge is one of Wiltshire’s most famous landmarks and the iconic stones are visited by many people whilst they stay in holiday cottages in Wiltshire. More people than ever could soon be visiting the landmark as improvements to the Stonehenge visitor experience are well under way and are now a third of the way through.


Work on the site started in July after 20 years of planning and debate, and excitement is building for the opening of the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre and all that it will bring. The centre will help visitors make the most of a trip to see one of the UK’s greatest landmarks and will include an archaeological gallery, whilst three Neolithic houses of the kind which were recently uncovered near Stonehenge will be recreated outside the centre.

The £27 million project is hoped to finally give Stonehenge a visitor experience that is worthy of its status and heritage, and one of the most anticipated changes is to close and grass over the A344 which runs past the stones. This will see the delightful return of the monument to a setting which is more appropriate to its history. A small part of the A344 will remain for a new shuttle service to take visitors to and from the visitor centre to the stones, making parking easier as well as giving Stonehenge a more respectful setting.

The opening of the Stonehenge Visitor Centre and the new tourist experience is sure to be the highlight of Wiltshire’s holiday scene in 2013. October is guaranteed to be a busy month for the attraction, when those enjoying Wiltshire cottage holidays come to see this new centre for the first time.

Stonehenge is still open to visitors until then and the magnificent stones continue to impress people. Anyone hoping to see the new Stonehenge experience would do well to book accommodation soon as October is certain to be busy with this exciting opening.

Image Credit: eloqui (flickr.com)