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Dinosaurs have come alive in the Wiltshire forest

Posted on 03rd June 2015

Jurassic World may promise raging dinosaurs in cinemas this summer, but at Longleat Safari & Wilderness Park in Warminster, the prehistoric creatures are ready to amaze visitors to the park.


Called Dinosaurs Alive, the exhibit features an assortment of the now extinct animals. There is a 15m-long brachiosaurus and a nearly 8m-tall T-Rex. There are also triceratops, megalosaurus, and stegosaurus. The staff at Longleat prepared for over two months to set up the exhibit that opened at the end of May.

Although the dinosaurs are the stars of the show, the attraction will provide younger guests with the opportunity to explore the science behind them, with experts on hand to help. While staying at one of our finest holiday cottages in Wiltshire, you and your family can also enjoy “living dinosaurs” – reptiles who have survived through the millennia and are the closest relatives to prehistoric beasts.


Image Credit: Scott Kinmartin (flickr.com)