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Devizes Fest expected to draw a crowd

Posted on 15th June 2014

As the annual Devizes Festival returns to Wiltshire for another three week stint, more visitors than ever are expected to visit the county for this exceptional series of events.

With incredible acts making up a killer line up this year between the 4th and 22nd June, Devizes is the place to start your summer.

The Devizes Festival will be taking place at various venues across the town and there will be plenty of opportunity for families staying nearby in self-catering Wiltshire holiday cottages to catch the action. Now in its 32nd year, the festival is boasting bigger and better acts than ever before – with the likes of

English rock and roll band The Blockheads and UK leading constitutional historian David Starkey making appearances, the programme is as diverse as ever.

The festival acts as a great way to experience the Devizes community spirit whilst seeing some truly great events and performances. With there being something for everyone, the Devizes Festival is set to be a hit with families and couples alike. See the Devizes Festival website for ticket details.

Image Credit: Steve Speight (flickr.com)