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Devizes celebrates birthday with its own beer

Posted on 14th April 2017

What better way to celebrate a pub’s birthday than creating a beer in its honour? Fiona and Geoff Talbot, the Landlord and Landlady of The White Bear in Devizes have just done that to celebrate Devizes’ oldest public house. Talbot’s Tipple, the chosen title for the new brew, is a name steeped in meaning considering it is not only the surname of the landlords but also was once the name of the pub.

The White Bear Interior

The pub is integral to the historical market town, and Devizes, nestled in the heart of the county, is the perfect place to visit whilst on a Wiltshire cottage holiday. The first recorded landlord of the public house on the corner of Monday Market Street dates back to 1567 and the town is looking forward to celebrating in style on the weekend of the 30th April. The festivities are set to not only unveil the newest beer in their collection, but also plan to include other local delights including Morris dancers, Shire horses and many people in historic dress, with a free glass of the celebratory beer to those who arrive in costume. 

Though the Wadworth Brewery is not quite as old as the pub in question, the brewers have experienced their own share of history since their conception in 1875. Being in the same family for four generations gives an element of legacy that other breweries lack. In fact, today the brewery owns over 200 pubs beyond The White Bear. The continued use of shire horses to deliver their produce to local buyers retains both quaintness and nostalgia that will be celebrated alongside The White Bear.

If you are visiting Devizes on this special celebratory weekend at the end of April, you will be able to celebrate with the rest of the town. However, should you happen to be in the area afterwards, you can still enjoy the Talbot’s Tipple or take a tour of the Wadworth Brewery instead to appreciate the local history. 

Image Credit: The White Bear