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Designer inspired by Wiltshire’s beauty

Posted on 23rd June 2017

Wiltshire has inspired many artists over the years from John Constable’s View of Salisbury to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. Now another artist has joined their ranks, recently decamped to Bradford on Avon. Helen Baker has had exceptional success with her previous collection inspired by her former home town in Cornwall, Wiltshire takes centre stage for her latest line.

Helen Baker’s Cornwall inspired fabrics

The gender neutral colours of her first collection combined with the simple and fresh graphics make a refined and young take on what can be perceived as twee. Since her move Helen is looking for new inspiration in her adopted county. Mrs Baker told the Wiltshire Times:

“I take inspiration from everything around me – even while just looking out of my kitchen window while doing the washing up.”

“I’m currently working on a range inspired by windows in Bradford on Avon. Our windows, shop windows, all the gorgeous architecture. I always take snaps on my phone while I’m walking around town, visiting all the wonderful independent shops in the centre.”

While based in Wiltshire, all of her fabric and products are available online to cater to the needs of a modern family. While Scandi chic is something we all aspire to, it can be hard to conform to the monastic standards, and though clean lines and muted colours are appealing, they soon lose their shine when coupled with the general mess that accompanies modern living.

Helen Baker encapsulates the Scandinavian aesthetic in her designs, allowing you to bring hints into your home. Her attachment to the Nordic principle of lagom is both apparent and inspirational. On Helen’s blog, she states:

“The latest Scandinavian concept to have found its way into current lifestyle trends is ‘lagom’, meaning not too much not too little, just the right amount. Our Nordic friends seem to lead the way when it comes to quality of life”

“When it comes to my fabric designs and their manufacturing, I have made conscious decisions in line with lagom principles before l even learned of this term. My inspirations come from the natural world around me, I am drawn to simplicity and efficient design, my designs are printed in the UK using eco-friendly pigments and I embrace multifunctional family living.”

Anyone staying in our Wiltshire holiday cottages is likely to come away feeling inspired and energised, but what better way to remember a holiday in this glorious county, than with one of Helen’s designs that mirror its beauty?

Image Credit: (Helen Baker)