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Decision to be made on new Rick Stein restaurant in Marlborough

Posted on 22nd January 2016

A decision on whether celebrity chef Rick Stein will be turning Lloran House in Marlborough High Street, Wiltshire, into a top restaurant will be made later this week.


Rick Stein, along with the help of his team, hopes to renovate the former clothes shop into a high-end restaurant that will seat 102 diners and employ 40 members of staff.

Many residents are excited about the proposals with many believing it will be a great asset to the town.

Speaking to the Gazette & Herald, local resident Ian Mellor said: “Not only will this use provide a great venue for local residents it will also encourage visitors and tourists. This is a wonderful opportunity which should be applauded.”

The restaurant will be sure to increase the popularity of the area, with Wiltshire cottage holidays proving a big attraction for many families visiting the county for their getaways this year.

Image Credit: eGuide Travel (flickr.com)