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Culinary Adventures: making the most of your self-catering holidays

Posted on 05th June 2015

Cottage holidays can help create great memories with your friends and family. And with so many attractions and exciting reasons to visit Wiltshire, the last thing you want to do is waste time and money because you didn’t prepare for the demands of self-catering.

When staying at a holiday cottage, eating out all the time is usually not possible. It can cost a lot as well as keep you away from all the activities that make cottage holidays in Wiltshire so great. But the opposite problem can be true too – no one wants to spend their holiday cooking. Sounds a bit too much like normal life, doesn’t it?

Cottage Holiday Recipes

To find the right balance, be prepared with a variety recipes. Pasta and rice dishes are easy and family friendly. If you have access to a BBQ, there are endless options to make fun, family meals. Many cooking magazines offer special sections for summer holiday cooking and provide a wealth of inspiration. And, because you will likely be planning day trips, find recipes that are picnic friendly.

Picnic Basket


Image Credit: Alex Lang flickr.com

If your cottage kitchen can accommodate, family baking with local ingredients is a good way to enjoy your experience. Here is a recipe for easy fruit and nut breakfast muffins that are sure to start your day off the right way.

Plan Your Time and Menu

It is possible to cook some great family meals ahead of time. As long as you can keep your pre-made dishes safe during the journey to your Wiltshire cottage, frozen Shepherd’s Pies, meatloaf and chilli soups are great items to cook ahead of time and pack.

Before leaving your house on holiday, clean out the cupboards and even the fridge. Pasta, rice and sauces are perfect for making quick self-catering meals. Meats, cheeses or fresh fruits and veg may spoil before you get back home, so you may as well bring them and eat them. Remember, check beforehand what kitchen amenities are available in your cottage. If you have a favourite chopping board, or knife set, or other tool, there is no problem bringing it along to ensure your cooking isn’t stressful. Bringing that fancy corkscrew of yours will ensure you can enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of the day.

Remember, you’re on holiday

Meals should be easy. Simple breakfasts like cereal or porridge will give you more time to enjoy your day. Have fun with finding new things to eat. Wiltshire is home to many amazing and vibrant farmers markets. They are a perfect destination and a great way to eat on the cheap as well. Enjoy the fresh local produce. Your family will have a great time discovering new things, and they may serve as inspiration for your next meal.

Avoid the temptation of a massive shop at the local supermarket near your cottage. Often times, as the holiday comes to a close, you will feel the crunch to consume all the food you bought. With a little bit of planning mixed with a pinch of spontaneity in discovering new foods, you will have a memorable cottage holiday.

Farmers Market


Image Credit: Natalie Maynor flickr.com