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Bronze Age burial discovered by badger near Stonehenge

Posted on 17th February 2016

A cremation burial mound in Wiltshire has been the latest site at which Bronze Age objects have been discovered, after being accidentally dug up by a badger.


The objects, which are thought to have belonged to an archer or a person who made archery equipment, date back to 2,200-2,000BC.

The site, which is five miles north of the World Heritage Site Stonehenge and not too far from luxury holiday cottages in Wiltshire, lies within MOD territory.

Speaking to the BBC, senior archaeologist of the MOD Richard Osgood commented: “It was utterly unexpected. There are wonderful artefacts from the early Bronze Age.”

“We would never have known these objects were in there, so there’s a small part of me that is quite pleased the badger did this… but it probably would have been better that these things had stayed within the monument where they’d resided for 4,000 years.”

A full archaeological dig was carried out on the site after the badger had dug up some shards of pottery. The objects found include a bronze saw, copper chisel, archer’s wrist guard and cremated human remains.

The items are due to be displayed at the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes later this year.

Image Credit: StefanHoffmann (pixabay.com)