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Agatha Christie’s ‘Go Back For Murder’ to visit Swindon on tour

Posted on 29th January 2013

An enthralling tale of deceit and suspicion will arrive on stage in Swindon this April as Bill Kenwright CBE presents Agatha Christie’s ‘Go Back For Murder’. It’s just one example of the quality you can expect to find on the town’s stage throughout the year, and an excellent addition to the itinerary of anyone staying in holiday cottages in Wiltshire.

Theatre Seating

Agatha Christie is the undisputed queen of crime writing, having penned 66 detective novels and 15 short story collections, as well as numerous plays for both the stage and radio. Her works have been translated into 103 different languages and enjoyed all over the world.

The story follows Carla Le Marchant, who is shocked when she learns that her mother, Caroline Crale, died while in prison after being found guilty of killing her father. When she finds a letter from her mother pleading her innocence, Carla sets off to uncover the truth. With the help of her mother’s defence lawyer, Justin Fogg, they identify all the suspects and head back to the scene of the crime to unravel this twisted plot of lies and intrigue once and for all.

It is being produced by the Agatha Christie Theatre Company, a touring theatre company which works tirelessly to create high quality productions of some of the author’s famous works.

Agatha Christie’s ‘Go Back For Murder’ will feature at Swindon’s Wyvern Theatre from the 8-13 April, with the residency making up part of a larger tour across the UK. It’s an event which is sure to prove hugely popular with theatre fans in the region, with seats not expected to be available for long. Tickets are currently available from the venue’s official website, so why not add an evening of stage entertainment to your stay in Wiltshire cottage holidays during the period?

Image Credit: DeaPeaJay (Flickr.com)